Social housing ends homelessness. Sign and demand that Edinburgh council leaders keep their promises to build it.

When it comes to ending homelessness in Edinburgh, our council leaders should be bricking it. They must build the social homes they’ve already planned, and listen to our demands telling them to get on with it.

Right now, 2,047 households, including 1,515 children, in Edinburgh are trapped in temporary accommodation, often in cramped, unsuitable conditions. And many of them have been living like this for months, or even years. Our council can’t ignore this housing emergency any longer.

With local elections around the corner, it’s time to raise our voices and remind our leaders that they already have a plan to build safe, affordable, permanent social housing. Now they just need to get on with it.

Adding your name to our petition can help us make enough noise so local leaders in our city can hear how important this issue is. Your voice counts.

Sign this petition today to demand council leaders pledge to build.