People in crisis need homes, not hotel rooms.

People in crisis need homes, not hotel rooms, hostels or B&Bs. But yet again, the Scottish Government has gone back on its promise to ensure no homeless household spends more than a week in sub-standard temporary accommodation.

We need MSPs to put the pressure on. Will you ask your MSP to ensure that there are no further delays in implementing the Unsuitable Accommodation Order in full?

You can send a clear message that everyone who becomes homeless in Scotland should be housed in decent accommodation while they wait for a permanent home, where they can start to rebuild their lives.

Act now and play your part in bringing the protections forward. Enter your details and generate a letter to your local constituency MSP asking them to support the motion.

P.S. If you'd like tips on writing your own letter, how to influence local decision makers or how you can defend housing rights, you can find guides and resources here.


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