Email your MP: we must avoid a homelessness crisis

Ask your MP to write to the Chancellor and support our call for a stronger safety net

Across the country, people are feeling the impact that the coronavirus outbreak is having on their lives. Many people have already lost their jobs, meaning more people now urgently need housing benefit to help them pay their rent. But this benefit only covers the rent for 30% of homes, leaving many with a shortfall.

Without the ability to move into more affordable homes, and without a stronger safety net, people who have lost income may also face losing their home after the pandemic, due to rent arrears and build-up of debt.  

A recent survey carried out for Citizens Advice showed that 41% of all renters in Scotland are concerned about how they’re going to keep paying their rent.  

The Scottish Government has banned most evictions from taking place during this pandemic, but if people build up rent arrears because they can’t pay their rent, the country faces a huge increase in evictions and a homelessness crisis when the eviction ban ends.  

To make sure people can afford to stay in their homes and stay safe, can you ask your MP to write to the Chancellor and take this urgent action? 

  • Housing benefit must be lifted to cover the average cost of renting across the UK 
  • The benefit cap must be lifted so everyone can access the emergency funding. This is important as when a household meets the benefit cap threshold, money is taken from their housing benefit, or housing costs element if they are on Universal Credit.  This means if the cap is not lifted, they will not have access to additional funding to help pay their rent. 

Ask your MP to improve government support today.  

Thank you 
Campaigns team 

41% of renters statistic from Citizens Advice Survey