Email your general election candidates: Ask them to prioritise housing

A general election is just around the corner, and it’s your chance to demand change.  Let’s make it crystal clear to all political parties and candidates: ending the housing emergency in Scotland must be their top priority. 

This housing emergency is tearing apart lives and communities across Scotland. Right now, 10,000 children have no place to call home. Half the country is living in an area where local homelessness services are overwhelmed. Private rents are spiralling out of control. This emergency demands immediate, decisive action from every level of government – including Westminster. 

The next UK government have choices to make that will have implications for housing in Scotland for decades to come. 

Email your local candidates today and demand they accept there is a housing emergency in Scotland and commit to doing what they can to end it. It will only take 30 seconds.

  • Stephen B 16.06.2024 20:50
  • Emma D 16.06.2024 20:19
  • Nicole G 16.06.2024 17:36
  • Iain James F T 16.06.2024 15:34
  • Angus R 16.06.2024 11:38
  • Helen M 16.06.2024 11:31