Sign the open letter to First Minister Humza Yousaf today: Tell him we are living in a housing emergency, and he needs to declare it

Dear First Minister, 

We refuse to accept 15,000 households stuck in ‘crappy’ temporary homeless accommodation, waiting for a place to call home. 

We refuse to accept sky-high rents, piling on top of rising energy bills. Competing for the same few properties. Being moved miles away from home by the council. 

As our First Minister we’re calling on you to show new leadership by: 

  • Declaring a housing emergency.  

  • Creating a housing emergency action plan by 2026 that addresses the underlying causes and alleviates the immediate housing needs of affected individuals and communities. 

This is a #HousingSOS. We refuse to stay silent or stand on the sidelines. 

For fed-up renters. Sofa surfers. Taxpayers. Families without a home. For us. For our children. For our grandchildren.  

Signed, the people of Scotland.