Nicola Sturgeon – don’t ignore the housing emergency

Tell the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to spearhead an urgent Scottish Housing Emergency Action Plan with a dedicated housing minister to reduce affordable housing need by 2026.

Homelessness is on the rise in Scotland. A record-breaking number of children are trapped in temporary accommodation. Yet, social housebuilding is stalling. It’s a scandal. 

We’re shocked and think Nicola Sturgeon should be too. Our nation’s housing and homelessness system is on the brink of failure. 

This is urgent – if the Scottish Government act now there’s a chance to stop the housing emergency from becoming a tragedy for thousands more people – including children. You can help by emailing the first minister asking her to do something about it. 

It’s time the Scottish Government got serious about tackling the worsening housing emergency. We’re calling on the first minister to spearhead an urgent Scottish Housing Emergency Action Plan, delivered by a new dedicated housing minister, to prepare Scotland’s housing system for the upcoming impact of Covid-19 related rent arrears, rising rents and energy bills as well as those already trapped in the system.

We’ve outlined what action the Scottish Government can take, right now:

  1. 🏠 Build and buy 38,500 social homes by 2026
  2. 💷Fully fund local homelessness services
  3. 🤝Guarantee the right to a home for everyone experiencing homelessness

Scotland can’t wait for the UK Government to sort out the benefits system and tackle energy prices. It’s high time the Scottish Government sorted this with the powers they do have. If they don’t, what message does that send to thousands of families stuck in damp, miserable, and completely unsuitable accommodation? We don’t accept that this can’t be fixed. If you agree, email Nicola Sturgeon today – it takes 30 seconds. 

You can read our call for a Scottish Housing Emergency Action Plan in full on our website

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